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Ber is currently in the throes of editing her new novel and will not have any further speaking events until the new year.



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Praise for Ber Carroll


'I enjoyed every page of this touching, authentic novel.' LIANE MORIARTY

‘This novel is a wonderful, full-bodied read. Ber Carroll has a clever eye for characterisation and story.' CATHY KELLY

‘Carroll's style is rich with honest insight and unassuming charm.' THE SUN-HERALD.

'A passionate, wise book that captures the timeworn dance between love and pain.' THE AGE

‘With all the humour and empathy of Binchy and a talent for storytelling, Carroll captures the conflicts and compromises women make on their way to the top . . . Carroll, an adopted Australian, has produced a compelling novel.' DAILY TELEGRAPH

'An entertaining read about work, women, their lovers and families and how the personal can sabotage even the most fabulous career.' AUSTRALIAN WOMEN'S WEEKLY

‘This novel is about several…interesting things, including the nature of ambition in the workplace, the social history of Ireland and the miseries it could cause for women, and the connections between Ireland and Australia…the plots and sub-plots are handled well and gallop along’ SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

‘I enjoyed this book and managed to read it in just two sittings. It is a very decent example of Aussie chick-lit. The ingredients were all spot on – believable plot, an engaging pace, and a very likeable but ever so slightly flawed lead character.’ AUSTRALIAN BOOKSELLER & PUBLISHER

‘A story of how a senseless and indiscriminate act can rock a family.’ WHO WEEKLY